Demos How to Make Decoupage Easter Eggs Level up your egg decorating with these easy and cute decoupage eggs. Here’s what you need:   – Elmer’s glue or Mod Podge – water – paper napkins – plastic craft eggs – paint brush – plastic cup   Instructions: 1. Mix Elmer’s glue and a little water to thin. (If using mod podge you […]
Financing THE NO SURPRISES ACT: How it can help your credit score A higher credit score helps a borrower get a lower interest rate. Sadly, one of the most common dings I’ve seen to credit is unpaid medical bills.  How do unpaid medical bills effect my credit score? Unpaid medical bills that go to collections show up on a credit report. What most people don’t realize is […]
Home Improvement Fielding’s Town Home Update Joey and Mattie Fielding show that it doesn’t take a huge budget to make a big impact in a home. The Fieldings bought their 2007 town home in July 2023. Since then, they’ve welcomed cute little Reagan to their family, and have replaced the main floor carpet with beautiful vinyl flooring, painted walls, cabinets, and […]
Decorating 8 Easy & Cheap Christmas Crafts, Food & Decor Mrs. Santa is here again to bring you festive crafts and holiday goodies. Read on for a holly, jolly, good time!  1. Santa cups Jazz up your next holiday party with these jolly Santa cups. This super easy craft was inspired by @ourwintonhome Here’s what you need: Red Solo cups Black ribbon  Gold buttons Hot […]
Uncategorized Pet Safety During the Holidays As we enter the season of hosting parties, making goodies, and gathering as a family (including our fur babies), let’s talk about how to keep our four-legged family members safe for the holidays.   Here is a list of popular holiday treats and decor that should be avoided by cats and dogs:   🐱Tinsel – […]
Utah Life How to Clean for Company: Cleaning Tips from a Pro Organizer If you’re hosting for the holidays then this quick decluttering tip from professional organizer, Kelly Miller, is for you.   Simply take an attractive basket or box, and clear the clutter off the counter, table or ledge into the basket.   Why this works: It contains the clutter. It gives instant relief to the stress […]
Senior Resources My Dad’s Inspiring Korean War Story I wanted to share a story from my favorite veteran, my dad, George Welch, when he was in the Korean War. Dad’s life was preserved when he followed a prompting to take a different road. Thank you to all of our veterans and their families who sacrifice so much for this country!
Senior Resources Beautiful Poem Written by My Dad | “Korea In Autumn” By George Welch “Korea In Autumn” By George Welch Here’s a poem by father, George Welch, wrote while serving in the Korean War. I’m sure the sentiments of this poem have crossed the minds of all veterans. Thank you for your service.  
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Demos 9 Easy & Cheap Halloween DIY Crafts, Food & Decor Your Fairy Godmother is here to share spooky crafts and tasty treats for the month of October. Follow along for some fall fun!    1. Ghosts in a Jar Make this super easy Halloween decoration with items you probably have around your house. Here’s how you do it: Item List: Large Jar Small vase/jar Ghost […]
Buying a Home 2023 Repaying Your Student Loan Debt | How to Afford a Home | Talk to a Lender As of October 2023, student loan payments have resumed and could affect your ability to buy a house. I talk with loan officer, Miles Pitcher, owner of Superior Lending, about your options now that student loans can affect your credit score as well as potential dangers to avoid. What is the student loan payment pause? […]
Buying a Home Adorable Curb Appeal For Under $1000 | Simple Home Updates On A Budget It’s amazing how my clients, Lauren and Mikel Cressman, made a huge impact on the curb appeal of their home by adding colorful accents and a fence.   First, Lauren painted the dark front door a beautiful, chalk blue. Then, they built three sets of shutters and painted them a dark green. Lastly, they added […]
Home Owners Should You Get Solar Panels? Off-Grid Energy System Walk-Thru | Interview with the Carmacks Gary and Laura Carmack have the ultimate off-grid energy system.   Their three-part system includes solar panels (including the PV panel and Smart Switch); a battery reserve, and a natural gas generator. This system allows the Carmack’s 5,000 sq ft home to stay up and running in the case of a blackout.   They also […]
Decorating How to Add Personal Touches to Your Home How do you make a house a home? It’s not just the bricks and mortar, but the warmth, love, and personal touches that we add to our living spaces. Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Lisa Schuring’s home, and I was inspired by the way she’s turned her house into a place of joy […]
Buying a Home Do You Need A Home Inspection On A New Construction Home? My clients are about to close on a new construction home, and as always, the opportunity came up to have a home inspection done. This raised the question: “Is a home inspection really necessary if you’re buying a new construction home? It’s a common question among homebuyers, and the answer might surprise you: Yes, even […]
Utah Life Fold a Fitted Sheet the Lazy Way This is NOT your grandma’s method for folding a fitted sheet. 👵🏼   If folding fitted sheets drives you crazy, Kelly Miller’s lazy method is for you. Kelly Miller, HomeFree Organizing, shows us the lazy organizer method for folding a fitted sheet.   First, she folds the sheet in half twice, and then, folds it […]
Home Improvement Double Office Remodel Tour With Hidden Cricut Station I’m thrilled to give you a sneak peek into my client’s home office transformation here in beautiful Bluffdale, Utah! Penny and Brian Elwood turned their dining room off of their entry way into an amazing office space that functions for business and creativity. This double office space is a game-changer, offering both functionality and style. […]
Buying a Home How to Make the Most of Your Home Equity | MAXIMIZE YOUR FINANCIAL WELL-BEING | Plan for Retirement MAXIMIZE YOUR FINANCIAL WELL-BEING Are you a homeowner with equity looking for ways to maximize your financial well-being? Refinancing could be the key to unlocking new opportunities and improving your financial situation! I sat down with Miles Pitcher, owner Superior Lending, to talk about how refinancing can be a powerful financial tool for homeowners. Here […]
Buying a Home First Time Homebuyer $20k Assistance Program | Talk with a Lender Earlier this year, Utah legislators allocated $50 million to help first-time homebuyers purchase a new home.   I visited with lender and mortgage expert, Miles Pitcher of Superior Home Lending to talk about the ins and outs of the loan, who qualifies for it, and how to get started.   Here’s the gist: Each recipient […]
Utah Life Owning Backyard Chicken in Utah: Nadia Let’s talk chickens 🐔 I had the pleasure to visit with Nadia Booker about her flock, and get her tips for raising happy, healthy chickens. The Bookers purchased their home 2.5 years ago. Fortunately, they were a client with vision! Since that time they have transformed their back yard- including adding a chicken coup and […]
Home Improvement Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home: How to Decorate With Plates, Cake Stands, and Rugs We are back with color expert, Lisa Schuring, to talk about how to use items such as plates, cake stands, and rugs in decorating your home in new and interesting ways. Dive into a world of endless possibilities and unleash your creativity, as we explore how incorporating these items as decor can transform your home […]