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Should You Get Solar Panels? Off-Grid Energy System Walk-Thru | Interview with the Carmacks

Gary and Laura Carmack have the ultimate off-grid energy system.


Their three-part system includes solar panels (including the PV panel and Smart Switch); a battery reserve, and a natural gas generator. This system allows the Carmack’s 5,000 sq ft home to stay up and running in the case of a blackout.


They also save hundreds of dollars a month on their electric bill. Gary says they were paying $380/month to run the A/C in the summer. Now they pay $30-$70/month.

Gary explained that the power generated by the solar panels is shared with their local energy company, and if the solar panels aren’t generating enough, the power company gives them the power back at half cost.


He even has an app that tracks the energy and lets him control the systems.


The whole system cost about $80K, and with all the energy savings it will pay off in about 20-30 years.


The Carmack’s say that the peace of mind of having power independent of the energy company is worth every penny.


Thank you Laura and Gary Carmack for sharing your solar knowledge!