Buying a HomeInspectionsNew Construction October 24, 2023

Do You Need A Home Inspection On A New Construction Home?

My clients are about to close on a new construction home, and as always, the opportunity came up to have a home inspection done. This raised the question: “Is a home inspection really necessary if you’re buying a new construction home? It’s a common question among homebuyers, and the answer might surprise you: Yes, even on new construction houses, home inspections are incredibly valuable!

In my experience, an inspector has caught issues that would have been costly if not caught in a timely manner.


On my client’s home, our inspector Andy Torgerson of 360 Home Check found two items that the builder should address. The first was a small gap in the front door that should be a quick fix. The second issue he found was on the A/C unit which had been running nonstop leading to ice buildup on the line and in the unit. This issue would have eventually been caught by the builder, but by catching this early the life of the unit may be extended.


What questions do you have about home inspections?