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How to Add Personal Touches to Your Home

How do you make a house a home? It’s not just the bricks and mortar, but the warmth, love, and personal touches that we add to our living spaces. Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Lisa Schuring’s home, and I was inspired by the way she’s turned her house into a place of joy and comfort. Lisa shared with me her secrets to making a house truly feel like home, and it all comes down to creativity, meaningful decor, and finding joy in what you have.

The Art of Personal Touches

When you walk into Lisa’s home, you’re immediately struck by the unique and personal decor choices that fill every room. It’s not about buying the trendiest furniture or the most expensive artwork; it’s about infusing your home with pieces that resonate with you.

She used her creativity to take an unwanted dresser from her husband’s great aunt and turned it into a beautiful, useful tv stand. Lisa painted this dresser a soft gray and lined the drawers with a vintage newspaper print.

The gallery wall at the end of her hallway displays artwork of her home town, paintings from her daughter, and a tender mothers day card she gave her mom when she was little. This wall not only looks beautiful, but holds meaning and joy for Lisa and her family.

Discovering Treasures in Thrifted Finds

One of the most charming aspects of Lisa’s home is her love for thrifted finds. Vintage bedding, cottage-style furniture, and rustic accessories all add a unique character to her space. Lisa has an eye for finding hidden treasures in thrift stores and garage sales, and she’s transformed these second-hand items into the very heart of her decor.

Her guest bedroom has been decorated completely with thrifted items. Lisa says she loves to fill her spaces with things that feel found and collected.


A Quote that Says it All

On Lisa’s wall, there’s a quote that perfectly encapsulates her home’s aesthetic: “When you love what you have, you have everything you need.” It’s a reminder that joy doesn’t come from having the fanciest things but from cherishing what you have and the love that fills your home.

What Makes Your House a Home?

Now, I’d love to hear from you. How do you make your house a home? Is it through personal touches, meaningful decor, or something else entirely? Share your tips and stories in the comments below, and let’s inspire each other to turn our houses into warm and welcoming homes.

Remember, it’s not about having everything; it’s about cherishing what you have and making it truly yours. After all, when you love what you have, you indeed have everything you need.