Utah Life October 18, 2023

Owning Backyard Chicken in Utah: Nadia

Let’s talk chickens 🐔 I had the pleasure to visit with Nadia Booker about her flock, and get her tips for raising happy, healthy chickens.

The Bookers purchased their home 2.5 years ago. Fortunately, they were a client with vision! Since that time they have transformed their back yard- including adding a chicken coup and a spacious run. They made the coup from a metal shed by adding ventilation, a pop hole door, and beds for laying. Their chickens usually lay one egg a day in the spring and fall seasons which Nadia says is plenty for their family.

Nadia also tells us that what you feed your chickens greatly impacts the quality of their eggs. Their chickens are fed organic feed, dried worms, oats, and table scraps. This gives their eggs hard shells and are rich with nutrients.


Bonus Tip: Introducing new members to the flock can be tricky because if the flock suspects an outsider they will fight. To ease the tension, wait until your baby chicks have grown so they are the same size as the rest, and then place them in the coup at night when the brood is asleep. Nadia has found this technique most effective to keep the peace in the coup.